About Me


Who Am I?

I am a queen of playful passion and serene vitality. With a classy yet colorful disposition, my desire is to bring to life the aspects of you that you rarely get to explore and give you permission to have the experiences you deserve. 

I love puns, humor, sarcasm, and I AM so bold as to presume I cultivate the spice of life just by existing. My passions are making art, fostering quality connections, studying/practicing spiritual arts and personal growth, and generally doing my best to make the world a better place. 

As a brilliant, nerdy, magical being with a fascinating origin story, I’ve always been a little bit different. I get along with everyone but my favorite people are those who haven’t always fit in. I’m also bi/pan and sapio-sexual which in a nutshell means I’m attracted to who people are on the inside rather than what’s in their pants (What can I say, I like all the parts 😉 ) .

I’m equally comfortable dressed up or dressed down. I enjoy the refined expression of pristine elegance and also love relaxing into fresh faced and cozy. 

What do I look like?

Picture a slender, statuesque, hourglass figure with long legs, luscious pillowy natural breasts, and perky bubble bum. 

I have ocean colored eyes and a smile as big as the horizon.  With a classic beauty that transcends time I don’t require makeup but can be beautifully enhanced by it. 

My lips are naturally large and plump, perfect for… well, you know.  

I have velvety soft skin that loves to be caressed. 

Bra Size: 30DDD

Dress size: 4

Height: 5’7″

Hair: medium-short copper red

I may or may not check myself out in the mirror on the daily. Oops did I say that out loud? 😉

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