About Me


Who Am I?

I’m a woman of many talents and interests and I absolutely love learning new things.  I adore sitting down for coffee and intelligent conversation, dining out then relaxing in luxurious pleasure, going on outdoor adventures, attending music and sporting events, or simple casual hangouts — all with an extra serving of flirtation and sensuality of course. 

 I come with a fascinating origin story and pride myself on being fun, funny, interesting and creative. I’ll admit I’m also a bit nerdy (or more than bit depending on your preference).  

Some of my favorite personal activities are reading, making art, listening to music, spending time in nature, watching intriguing television, and spending time with quality people such as yourself. 

I’m fascinated by details and intricacies of many professions and hobbies, so if you love talking about your work or passions I love to hear about it. I’m also bi/pan and sapio-sexual which means I’m attracted to who people are on the inside. 

As a well rounded individual I’m equally comfortable dressed up or dressed down. I’m always up for pristine refinement and always down to get my hands dirty. 

What do I look like?

Picture a slender, statuesque, hourglass figure with long legs, luscious pillowy natural breasts, and perky bubble bum. 

I have ocean colored eyes and a smile as big as the horizon.  With a classic beauty that transcends time I don’t require makeup but can be beautifully enhanced by it. 

My lips are naturally large and plump, perfect for… well, you know.  

I have velvety soft skin that loves to be caressed. 

Bra Size: 30DDD

Dress size: 2/4 

Height: 5’7″

Hair: medium-long copper red

I may or may not check myself out in the mirror on the daily. Oops did I say that out loud? 😉

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