Things To Know

Safety First

I will always screen to ensure safety and discretion for our experience together. That we both feel safe is extremely important to me. I will request a picture of your ID or you may present it at the beginning of our time together. Any other required information will be included in the contact form.  

Please always respect my boundaries. I am a free spirit and have a broad spectrum of things that I enjoy, but I do have my limits. For that reason, I do not negotiate my boundaries. That being said please let me know if I do anything that you do not feel comfortable with. I understand that everyone’s preferences and desires are different and what might please one person may not another. I want you to feel as safe, comfortable, and respected as I do, therefore I hope that we can both be communicative as well as respectful. Note that any conversation about such topics are not to be had over email or text. 

I will always communicate first but if I feel disrespected at any point during our experience I reserve the right to leave no questions asked. 

Donation Information

I deeply appreciate your generosity in recognizing my value. To best ensure the utmost discretion, donations or gifts shall be placed in an unmarked envelope in the restroom if our date begins in a private location. If we are meeting in public, a small gift bag or discrete package will be accepted within the first 15 minutes of the date. There is no need to discuss the donation at any point prior to or during our time together.  

 For Fly Me To You options, a 25% deposit must be arranged in advance to confirm booking as well as provision for travel expenses. For local dates of 24 hours or more a 10% deposit is required to confirm booking. 

Your contribution to my well-being is strictly for my time and companionship. 


Because I am a low-volume provider, planning ahead is the best policy with me. One to two weeks notice is ideal, but less may still be doable. The absolute minimum notice I ask for is 3 days. If you ask for same day or next day I will not be available. When planned in advance I have a fairly open and flexible schedule – any day of the week or weekend, afternoons and evenings.  I keep myself busy so the further in advance the more likely I am to be available. As a side note, I don’t do well with early morning or late night requests – what can I say, I need my beauty rest(;. 


In the event that you must cancel, I ask for a minimum of 3 days (72 hrs) notice.  If you cancel between that and 24 hours the fee will be 50% of the donation amount. If canceled within 24 hours of our scheduled time I will expect the full donation amount.

Dietary Restrictions

I have a gluten intolerance so dining out can require some additional planning.  If we are planning on a meal together please give me some preferences and ideas for what type of restaurant you desire and in what area of town and I will be happy to provide places that I know will have options for both of us. If you have somewhere specific in mind let me know and I can always check if they have the necessary accommodations. Fortunately the Phoenix area has a lot of options! If you have any dietary restrictions or concerns of your own please don’t hesitate to let me know, I will always be flexible and understanding. 

As an additional note, I do not use recreational drugs so please do not under any circumstance bring that into our environment. If that is how you enjoy having fun I definitely do not judge, but I may not be the right companion for you. I drink in moderation so a glass of wine, champagne or a fancy cocktail to get the evening started can be a delightful social lubricant. If you are someone who abstains from alcohol I am happy to join you in a sober engagement. 

Review Policy

Because I prefer to keep our experiences together completely private, I choose not to use review sites. I hold myself to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in my every day life and have committed to bringing all my best qualities when we meet. My goal is to give you a wonderful experience that you will remember and maybe (hopefully) repeat. I believe we can develop a strong mutual trust and connection. Let’s have some fun and keep it where it belongs, between us! 

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