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Want to do something extra exciting and fun together but you’re not quite sure what? I’ve decided to come up with some ideas! There’s a lot here and nothing is expected and I’m also open to completely new ideas that I haven’t thought of. In all honesty I’m a pretty easy going person who can find joy and pleasure in many activities and experiences. The most important piece is the company;) So without further ado here’s a bunch of stuff in no particular order of preference that could be fun!

Classic Dinner Date – always a great option! Not much to say about it other than who doesn’t love good food?

What about a Show? I love live music and am always down for concerts of many styles of music. I don’t prefer country but I love most other types of music including classical. I’m game for anything from Metal concerts to the Symphony. I am also a theatre nerd so I’m always down for a play or musical or the ballet. If you’re extra adventurous burlesque and circus/side shows can also be great fun!! Another thing I would really like to do more of is go to Stand Up Comedy shows!

Sporting events? I am someone who enjoys and understands a fair amount of sports. I grew up watching college football, basketball, and volleyball mostly. Now days I follow NFL and enjoy catching NBA games when I can (there’s SO many I don’t have time to keep up but I do enjoy them). I’m a little new to baseball, so far I really like live games but due to not knowing all the intricacies of the game I find it difficult to follow on TV. Soccer and Hockey I have yet to find love for but I also have never been to live games or had someone explain the rules to me and would enjoy learning appreciation for them! If there’s something else you like that I haven’t mentioned here please ask if it’s something I’m interested in, it’s quite possible that I will be!

Let’s see some visual arts! I love art shows, museums, galleries, and anything in that vein. I am myself an artist who is passionate, but grossly undereducated about art history and things of that nature so I’m always looking for more exposure.

–On a similar topic, albeit a bit unconventional, I’m also so open to doing activities like ceramic painting, or teaching you some of the ways of abstract expression. I believe everyone has a creative streak and deserves some self expression. My philosophy is and always will be that “good art” (which is completely relative by the way) isn’t the end goal, the experience is. So if you’ve ever been curious about throwing some paint around on a canvas I’d be happy to help!

Adventures and the Great Outdoors. If you like being outside I’m always up for that. If in the phoenix area there are great hiking/exploring spots like Papago Park, Camelback or South mountain (in cooler season, I’m sorry I can’t do summer hiking in Phoenix, I like the heat but not hiking in it haha). Tempe Town Lake or the Botanical Gardens are also fun places to walk around!

Nerdy/Geeky stuff? Ever want to just snuggle up in comfy clothes, eat pizza, and watch Star Wars, Marvel, or Anime with a total hot geek? I’m your gal! I’m also totally open to fan-cons and the like!

On a similar note, board games and card games are also something I enjoy very much and can be a fun way to spend some quiet quality time . Video games I like but I’m better at old school stuff than newer games. I’m always down to learn and try and probably embarrass myself lol.

I also love local coffee shops and finding the best espresso around, as well as enjoying a chill space for a chat. They can also be a nice place to enjoy a game of chess!

This one might sound a little bit out of the box, but country line dancing, swing or latin dancing or even two-stepping can be fun and sometimes silly adventures. Great reminder for not taking yourself too seriously! I also love dancing at EDM shows!!

Strip Clubs are some people’s things and definitely not others, but having danced for so long and being bi-sexual I do love going and dropping some cash on beautiful women, so if that’s your idea of a good time, I’m totally in. I will still hold to my no-illicit-drugs rule however.

Do I do DUOS? YES! I have a number of friends who I love to sharing experiences with!

If you’re the gifting type a shopping trip can always be a fun way to spend (hah) some time together! As I’ve recently learned, a little private fashion show can really set a mood;)

Other random things I enjoy that would be a blast to do together:

  • Themed cocktail lounges
  • Library visits
  • Seeing cool Architecture
  • Learning new skills
  • Spa days
  • Mini-Golf
  • Bowling
  • Arcade/Game bars
  • Trying new ethnic foods
  • Theme Parks
  • Beach visits
  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking or Canoeing
  • Boating
  • Swimming/lounging by the pool
  • car shows
  • playing pool and/or darts
  • wandering through antique shops

Things I haven’t done but would like to try

  • Top Golf or Regular Golfing
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • surfing
  • Being shown around cities I’ve never been to
  • casual gambling at a casino

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to think about and if you’ve seen me before and something sparked your interest shoot me an email and if you haven’t seen me before fill out my contact form! Let’s make some memories!

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