A Little Bit More Aout Me ;)

Hello Darling! Thank you for visiting. 

I’ve elected to write a blog because I feel that those who want to know more about me will enjoy taking the time to dive deeper. Especially if you’re an avid reader like me. 

So with no further ado, here are some slightly more intimate details omitted from my general About Me. 

I’m an adventurous free spirit who was raised LDS (Mormon), in Utah, with 7 younger siblings. My growing up life was extremely strict (yes I was a good girl), but never boring. I left the church at 18 and have since thrown myself into a crash course of life including many sexual adventures and explorations. I’ve been married and divorced twice due to rather unfortunate circumstances that I won’t get into here. I’m also bi-sexual, do with that what you will. I’ve worked in various industries but have felt the most comfortable and free in the adult world.  I started with web-cam, dabbled in burlesque, did my time as an exotic dancer, and have branched out from there. 

I’m a huge lover of the arts. I grew up doing theatre, choir, and Piano. I love to model, as well as paint and draw. My passion is creating pieces of art that are emotional, intriguing and cathartic. I haven’t pursued much in the way of realism because while I believe it is incredibly skillful and beautiful, I don’t find it fulfilling. My art flows through me like rivers of emotion and energy. Whether it’s visual art, music, books or TV, the telling of impactful stories is something I deeply appreciate from others and adore engaging in myself. 

One thing I have learned through my artistic endeavors – I may expand on this more in another post- is that if you want to do something but don’t feel good enough, put in the work to get better.  It’s all about DESIRE after all, isn’t it? I constantly work to better myself in every aspect of my life, every day, while acknowledging the ebbs and flows and balancing act that is evolution and growth. I deeply appreciate the Taoist tenets of letting go and I find it fascinating that so much of a contented life involves a high wire act of putting forth the effort to manifest desire, and letting go of the outcome.

On a similar note, I love conversations about philosophy and the social inter-workings of the world. I tend toward spirituality rather than religion these days but I don’t find the existence of the universe to be particularly likely without various forms of higher intelligence. It may be wishful thinking but to me it makes sense. I am a person who feels a lot of things and I love to experience the fullness of life even with its ups and downs. I’m extremely grateful to be alive and that I get to learn things every single day. Interacting with people such as yourself is so enriching to me because I’m always gaining new perspectives and ideas.

As mentioned in my bio, I have a nerdy side as well. This ranges from being absolutely fascinated by science, to being a complete geek for Star Wars. I love Fantasy and Sci-fi and work to expose myself to the things I missed out on due to an overly sheltered childhood.  My most recent book series obsessions are The Stormlight Archives and Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I can give you a thorough review if you like extremely well built fictional worlds and characters woven with deep philosophical musings on almost any topic you can think of.

I confess I can be somewhat of an introvert and I enjoy my quiet moments and the serenity of silence, but once I get to know you I’m a spunky talkative ‘lil thing. I love exchanging witty remarks, innuendo, silly puns, and dirty jokes. I tend to vacillate between the sophisticated, elegant woman, and goofy, nerdy girl. Both accented with flavors of intellect and raw sensuality.

I moved to the Phoenix area in the beginning of 2016 and I love it here. I find people to be laid back and interesting. I don’t mind the summer heat as it gives me the opportunity to dress in skimpy clothes without judgment – a thing that is novel to someone from a place where everyone has to have their shoulders, midriffs, thighs and cleavage covered at all times. Queue Eye-roll.

As far as my life now and the future goes, I’m tirelessly working to improve my art and honing my skills as a GFE companion. The next step in my life plan is school, where I’m planning a myriad of things I’m excited to study. I know, I know, I have to narrow it down eventually but my mind is ravenous! Some of the things I’m interested in are business, film making, psychology, sociology, music writing and production, and literally any kind of science. 

This is a small window into the expanse of my personality and I thank you for reading A Little More About Me.


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